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Milwaukee Brewers Women's Big Time Premium T-Shirt - Navy Blue

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It?s a wonder at all how some chicks get away with wearing plain ol? tees to the Brewers games. They only display the bare minimum when it comes to team spirit. You, however, do more than just scramble through your messy closet and find the nearest dark blue top to throw on before the game ? you take your time finding the perfect ensemble for your players. Reward your commendable affection for the Brewers with this Big Time shirt! The front features bright silver metallic foil script lettering that reads, ?Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club? with a team logo, along with flashy matching rhinestones trickled along the neckline, and the side hems boast elastic ties with fabric gathering details for extra feminine flair. Kudos to you and your unique style, girl ? team-spirited fashion isn?t as easy as it looks!

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